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Our Mission and Vision

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As part of Our Mission we provide support services to the incarcerated individual to promote healing, redemption and restoration in preparation for the return to family and community as a whole person prepared and ready to make a contribution.

In addition, Our vision and mission is to provide access to reentry resources to individuals returning from prison and jail. Many studies have any simply cannot succeed without additional support.

Also in consideration are services to those left behind, the families impacted by the incarceration of a loved one. Incarceration has a devastating effect on everyone connected to the convicted individual, the employer, the community and the family.

Our purpose is to address these issues on a client and family specific basis.
We realize that we all, society at large have a stake in the future of the returnee
and a successful reentry.

Our focus is primarily on the individuals impacted by the federal system. Generally, due to the federal sentencing guidelines, the imposed terms are greater than those of state sentences for the same offense, there are no provisions for parole, and the allowable amount of good time earned is such that one incarcerated in federal prison serves eighty-seven percent of it. Those individuals serving a term in federal prison are totally removed from family and community for a longer period of time, sometimes placed hundreds of miles away from them.
We are in the process of developing programs which assist the incarcerated individuals and their families to prepare for a successful reentry. The primary focus of programs under our social service organization is on assistance to the federally incarcerated individuals, and their families because those individuals sentenced under federal laws receive harsher penalties for non-violent offenses under the draconian laws implemented by the mandatory minimum sentencing scheme. They generally serve most of the term imposed and also have many collateral consequences upon returning to the community. 


The resources to assist them are scant to none in some locales.
With the resources for the individuals during and after their incarceration being are scarce the total impact of incarceration on their lives is severe and long-lasting.

At the heart of our vision is assistance in reuniting and strengthening the bonds of families who have been affected by the incarceration of a family member.

Our vision  is to improve the quality of the lives of these individuals and their families, while providing a long-term impact by demonstrating commitment to the incarcerated individuals and their families, by seeking solutions for specific issues they have and will encounter during court proceedings, incarceration, and after release through advocacy, research, training, and support.

Through advocacy, research and training, we look to educate the public in order to empower incarcerated individuals and offer ongoing support to their families and the communities to which they hope to someday return.