Immigration Clinic,component of CENTER FOR DEFENSE ADVOCACY


Immigration Clinic

                                                        WECDA is proud to be a member of the Immigration Action Network.

We assists Detainees in federal custody who are serving a term and have an Immigration matter pending as well. 
At some point while  serving their sentence athey may be or are re served with a Detainer from Immigration.
Upon contacting us, we make all forms and information available to them as wel as advising them of the options available. 


We help determine if the Detainee is eligible for Asylum, or primarily, the U Visa. Because the individual is incarcerated, the forms and other qualifying information may be beyond their reach.

We determine whether a case for the U Visa exists, send forms to the appropriate law enforcement agency, and provide the detainee with any additional materials to comprise the package needed to establish their case to remain in the United States.

Primarily the detainees who fall under this provision are women who have been subjected to some type of Domestic Violence. or subjected to a crime against them. Men are not excluded, but domestic violence generally applies to

As we continue to assist going forward, we also establish contact with the various Clinics headed by Attorneys, or Law Schools having a legal presence close to the facility.

At some point, the preference is to have them assist in the representation of the Detainee in court.
We also prepare various Motions for the pro se litigant facing removal proceedings.

Motion to vacate under 28 USC 2255
re: Jae Lee v United States, and under California AB 2867.