Habeas Litigation Clinic

We are specialists in federal sentencing guidelines, restitution, forfeiture and downward departures. Our teams of professionals have firsthand experience dealing with the Criminal Justice System and stand ready to assist whether at sentencing,  or post-conviction mitigation we can assist you.


We ;

will prepare a 2255 motion, second or successive 2255, certificate of appealability, writ of certiorari, 2241 petition or pro se direct appeal for you to file.

review, what you have prepared or had prepared by retained counsel or "jail-house lawyer" and offer a concurrence or offer advice for correction or changes.

research specific arguments for you upon your request, or recommend certain arguments as possibilities for post conviction remedy review your case for errors and identify the type, be it plain, harmless or structural error.

We will also tell you of the dangers of wasting your first filing right to a 2255 on a frivolous issue, for the standards for a second or successive are almost insurmountable, so be cautious with your first filing. Please remember, no one can properly prepare your Motion under 28 U.S.C. Section 2255 without benefit of reviewing your Pre-sentence Report-Objections to PSR-Plea Agreement-Judgment and Commitment and preferably, your Sentencing Transcripts. If you need services to research any particular issue or area of law, please contact someone who has been where you sit, understand and empathize with you.

Many of our staff have walked a mile in your shoes a mile in your shoes and will attempt to provide the services you need in a most thorough and professional manner. We thoroughly review your documents to identify every issue ripe for redress.
We will thoroughly research each issue identified, upon drafting your motion, we spend a great deal of time, presenting case law in your circuit or a sister circuit to substantiate each issue raised, and present these issues in the appropriate habeas petition.
After the initial filings, we will review your case, at whatever stage of the legal proceedings and prepare an analysis of what action, if any may be taken from that point. We will prepare replies to the government's response to your motions and walk with you each step of the way through the proceedings so that you will never feel abandoned or left on your own to find a resolution.                          

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