About Habeas Litigation Clinic



One of the primary components of WECDA is the Habeas Litigation Clinic. 

The majority of our services are geared toward providing meaningful, affordable access to the courts.

Our organization has several experienced,
non-attorney legal professionals who provide post-convictionsentencing services.
We exist because hope does not necessarily run out in the wake of a criminal conviction whether by guilty plea or trial oreven in the event of a denial of an appeal. If you are within one year of having been sentenced, or the last action in your case, there is still time to seek relief from your loved one’s imposed term of imprisonment.

Our expertise is in providing experienced litigation support services to those seeking relief from sentences imposed in the federal arena.We provide analysis, technical consulting, research assistance, and document preparation for licensed legal counsel and their clients who have been convicted in criminal legal proceedings and are seeking redress such as motions under 28 USC Section 2255, Motion to Vacate, 3582 pursuant to a retroactive change in the law or other forms of relief to lessen the impact of the federal sentencing guidelines on the term the court imposed.

Our team of professionals provides specialized services after sentencing and conclusion of the direct appeal, another crucial stage of criminal proceedings.

We also provide litigation support services to individuals directly who plan to proceed pro se in seeking redress.

If you or a loved one has been convicted after facing proceedings in the federal criminal justice system, and are looking at a term of imprisonment. You may be interested in pursuing avenues of relief through post-sentencing mitigation.

If you are in need of someone with a wide range of capabilities and depth of insight into
comprehension of the federal sentencing guidelines and how they may be used in a manner that may assist you in obtaining a reduction of your sentence. We are specialists in post-conviction mitigation and understand the impact of receiving a sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines upon your life and the lives of those of your family members.

While you are preparing yourself, family and or friends to face the trauma of your going to prison, or if you have someone who is incarcerated, you should consider obtaining a review of your imposed term of incarceration to determine whether or not are any avenues of redress open to you, I am sure you will find this information of interest.


We have provided assistance individuals going pro se and through counsel in the field of post-conviction for a combined fifty years now, and have spent most of our consulting careers enabling clients to access The services they need.

We meet every response for assistance with three important aspects, professionalism, empathy and integrity.

Post Sentencing Mitigation can extend to cases in which a guilty plea was entered, as well as those in which a jury found the accused guilty of a crime. Whether a case was related to felony or misdemeanor charges in state or federal court, knows how and where to look for possible relief. We have handled countless cases involving almost every type of offense, although we specialize in white-collar offenses.

We carefully examine all records and documents, including the trial transcript, looking for judicial mistakes, questions that remain unanswered, misinformation from the counsel of record initially.

We determine whether or not the possibility of relief exists in your case by performing an initial review and analysis of your sentence based on court documents upon request.




We have immediate, 24 hours per day, access to the computer records of all the federal courts in the United States. We also have immediate, 24 hours per day, access to all federal statutes and court rules as well as all federal and state case law within hours of the court decisions.

We determine whether or not the possibility of relief exists in your case by performing an initial review and analysis of your sentence based on court documents upon request. 



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